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Space Availability - William T Young Library

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Room reservations are open to UK students, faculty, and staff. Please use your linkblue to make your request. For questions, please contact  

Event Spaces are (generally) larger rooms, available for university events as well as meetings.  Bookings are available Monday-Thursday 8:30AM-7PM and Friday 8:30AM-4PM.   Note that events that are open to the public or involve food must be approved by UK's Event Management System (  Your room booking is tentative until you have received approval from EMS, if required.  Bookings must be made at least 2 weeks in advance. 

University of Kentucky organizations, including registered student groups and University-sponsored groups, may apply to use the spaces in the William T. Young Library. Please note that these rooms are not available for private meetings, student study sessions, regularly scheduled classes, or extended conferences and similar events requiring multiple rooms, multiple days, etc., particularly during semesters.


  • Programs to be presented must be of an educational, cultural, or charitable nature or relate to other purposes approved by the Dean of Libraries in accordance with the regulations of the University.
  • If you are planning an activity other than a meeting you will receive a tentative room reservation from the Library.  It will be confirmed after you register the event with the Office of University Events.  The registration process requires two weeks and must be completed before a room reservation will be confirmed.
  • Please include your set up time when booking a reservation.
  • Charges for admission, space, services, or sales of items are restricted. Registered UK student organizations may do so with prior written authorization from the Director of the Student Center AND approval of Library Administration. Any group that does not obtain authorization before the event will be required to stop charging and/or selling items, or will be required to leave the building.
  • In all cases, the use of spaces in the William T. Young Library shall be in compliance with the University of Kentucky Governing and Administrative Regulations and the UK Libraries' Patron Code of Conduct.
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